Morning Briefs

And these are the people who’ll be running health care

Well, first we learned the Obamacrats sent out $89,000,000 in Stimulus checks out to dead people. The Feds also spent a million dollars figuring out that more fights happen in dive bars than in fern bars. Now, we learn they’ve also spent a billion dollars on an office building with no parking and no commuter

Think of what this means. The federal government approved the construction of a building for 6,400 Pentagon workers and never once had any idea how those workers were going to actually get to work! No road projects were approved, no parking arranged, no public transport set up.

A giant office complex sits nearing completion costing a billion dollars and no one can get to it.

This is the complete incompetence of government on full display.access.

Would a private corporation build an office building that had no parking and no way of getting to it? I don’t think so.

The Government; stupid people with your money.

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