Morning Briefs

Harry Reid Is Toast and Sharron Angle Has $14 Million Worth of Butter!

Looks like Christine O’Donnell didn’t hurt Sharron Angle’s fundraising mojo after all.

Former Nevada state Assemblywoman Sharron Angle (R) raised an eye-popping $14 million between July 1 and Sept. 30 for her challenge to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D), a stunning number that far eclipses the cash-collection totals of other prominent candidates seeking Senate seats next month.

Get it Harry Reid? You’re a jerk and everybody hates you. You’re so out-of-touch you think the greatest living Americans are Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd… who are not only way more liberal than the American mainstream… they’re dead! How can somebody who looks like an undertaker be so unaware of who’s alive and who’s dirt-napping?


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