Morning Briefs

Vapid Comment of Yesterday

So one of my idiot Facebook friends (from Seattle, natch) posts yesterday:

To celebrate Columbus Day today break into a total stranger’s house, convince them that you should be there, and give them a lethal disease. Happy Columbus Day!

And *her* idiot Facebook friends chime in: “Ya, how arrogant was that?…and it continued on for so long.”… “I make almost the same statement every Columbus day… …gets me strange looks, but i’m used to that. This is one holiday we can remove from the calendar.”

But none of these poseurs are packing up their white guilt and heading back to Europe, are they? What the hell is wrong with these airheads? History is a long and often brutal clash of ideologies and cultures battling for domination. A dim hippie chanting a platitude about how evil Columbus is while living on what they consider stolen land is a hypocrite.

Furthermore, how can you “break into a total stranger’s house” when Native Americans, we are told, had no concept of property?

So, I just commented, “An excellent reason to support secure borders and tough immigration laws.”

Let white liberal jerks choke on their hypocrisy.

I'm with stupid, too, at least until she unfriends me.

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