Morning Briefs

Scientists Employed by the Regime Support the Regime’s Climate Control Initiatives

NASA says C02 controls the Earth’s Climate. What a coincidence! That’s the exact position of the Administration that controls all of NASA’s funding.

Isn’t it just lucky for all of those scientists who would have been out-of-work because of Obama’s phasing out of manned space flight programs that their agency has found a crisis that demands more funding, and that aligns well with the goals of the people in power?

And we know scientists never lie, so it has to be true, and not a transparent attempt to preserve their jobs and enhance their status.  Because only fallible human beings would do something like this. Scientists are all androids. Like Data, from Star Trek. I don’t think real climate scientists are even capable of using contractions.

NASA says it's real, and they need more money. They're super-cereal.


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