Morning Briefs

Miss a Parent-Teacher Conference, Go To Jail

In Detroit, a.k.a. New Mogadishu (America’s most liberal city), the county prosecutor wants parents who miss parent-teacher conferences to go to jail. Because, you know, the Detroit Police has too much time on their hands now that they’ve licked that homicide and crack problem.

The suburbs, of course, want nothing to do with this idiocy.

Daniel Lessard, a Livonia Public Schools board member, called the plan “the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard in my life.”

And even if they could enact this idiot law, what good would it really accomplish. If it takes a threat of jail to get a parent to go to a PTC, what level of involvement do you think that parent is going to have with schoolwork the rest of the time?

But it will make progressives feel good, because “at least we did *something.*” You know, I guy who stands outside a burning house playing a kazoo is doing *something,* but he’s not helping solve the problem.

The Wayne County Prosecutor's Head Must Be in Her Somewhere

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