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So Smart

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  1. The left are what you get when you convince idiots that they sure would be smart if they let progressives do the thinking for them.

    So, we have a segment of society who isn’t very bright, but have an unfounded sense of intellectual superiority and entitlement.

    The most telling symptom that is a dead giveaway of this syndrome, is that you see so many from the left who can only use their ignorance as a weapon.

    Look for it on any forum, where the progressives “useful idiots” who we know as “liberals” engage in the defense of their ideology, especially against knowledgeable conservatives.

    They don’t have logic or facts, but they do have a wealth of ignorance; their only asset. And they use it. This of course, only impresses other useful idiots and baffles conservatives.

    October 21, 2010 at 10:32 am

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