Morning Briefs

The Chinese Professor

Chilling… yes. But I am old enough to have lived through previous Yellow Peril economic scares. Back in the eighties, it was the Japanese who were going to own us. (Remember Back to the Future II?).

China has serious problems. The One-Child policy has left them with an aging workforce and will result in a huge social services burden unless they simply start killing off the elderly, which I would not put past them. Also, they have a huge real estate and equities bubble on their hands as well. And, we could always refudiate our debt to them; screwing us both but mostly them. (Hey, we screwed over Chrysler and GM shareholders, so why not the Butchers of Beijing?)

But even if I dispute the thesis, I do agree with the sentiment. By all means, let’s make Government cheaper, smaller, and better; like a Japanese car.

Also… I not… almost all of the critical comments contain the word “racist.” That really is the sine qua non of progressive critical thinking, isn’t it?

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