Morning Briefs

Crazee Bichas of teh Left

It is an article of faith on the left that Christine O’Donnell is “batshit crazy.” Mainly because she supports ideas the left thinks are crazy; like smaller government, reduced spending, secure borders, and personal responsibility.

Let’s consider that the ranks of the left, the people who have appointed themselves the arbiters of who’s crazy, include the following notables:

Lauren Valle: A professional activist who goes around vandalizing other people’s property and disrupting political debates with her obnoxiousness.

Debbie Frisch: A lefty feminist (a.k.a. lesbian) with a long history of derangement most recently filed deranged self-written court documents that described the judges that had convicted her of stalking and threatening as “frocked cowfuckers.

Amy Bishop: This Obama-supporting leftist professor shot six colleagues after being denied tenure and probably murdered her own brother and got away with it thanks to connections with the Massachusetts Democrat party.

Christine O’Donnell has never vandalized anything, threatened anybody’s kids, or shot anybody. But she’s the crazy one? Yeah, right.

And there’s more.

Rosie O’Donnell: 9-11 conspiracy whackjob who thinks fire cannot melt steel, even though that’s how steel is made.

Roseanne Barr: Um, yeah.

Again, both regarded as less crazy than Christine O’Donnell by the Huffington Post/Daily Show crowd.

And then there’s deranged radio host Randi Rhodes, whose listeners are outnumbered by the voices in her head. She falls down drunk and blames it on the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Speaking of conspiracies, she accuses Blackwater of setting forest fires and  rants about Hillary being a “f–king whore.” But still, not generally regarded on the left as crazy or stupid like Christine O’Donnell.

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