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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Oy.

First rule of asking Jews about illegal immigration, Don’t Ask Jews About Illegal Immigration.

An American Jewish Committee survey has found that a majority of American Jews support the Arizona immigration law, 52 to 46.

The reaction of the pro-amnesty Jewish leadership was befuddlement, at best.

“When I first heard about this, my first thought was, ‘Why this question?’” said Ann Schaffer, director of the organization’s Belfer Center for American Pluralism, who wasn’t alone among her colleagues in wondering why the question was asked.

Elite leftists of the Jewish persuasion have no more interest in hearing, much less following, the opinions of those they claim to represent than does the average Democrat member of congress.


Nancy Pelosi Is In-Bleeding-Sane

Here she is telling Charlie Rose there’s no way the Republicans will do better than the 30 seats the Democrats picked up in 2006, and she will still be speaker in the next Congress.

Most sane people think Nancy Pelosi has a better chance of being on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue than being speaker next year.

A Partial Listing of Dirty Democrat Tricks and Rotten Behavior So Far

Because the Democrats have no accomplishments and nothing to be proud of after four years of running the Congress, they have no choice but to attack their opponents with every dirty trick in the book.  I’ve compiled a no-doubt incomplete listing.

Welcome to Denver

Loretta and Linda Sanchez on the floor of the House.

Democrats can’t run on issues, so all they can do is lie and smear. Should any people so desperate to cling on to power have it returned to them? I say no.

The American Thinker contributed some of the links to this post; and has an expanded entry on Democrat Dirty Deeds.

Pass the Butter and Maple Syrup

St Rachel of IHOP’s parents whine at the trial of the bulldozer driver. “We wanted to see his face.” Yeah, bitch, so do 10,000 Hezballah terrorsts.

Hat Tip: Sondra K

NPR CEO Continues to Smear Juan Williams

Remember how the Soviets used to declare critics of the regime insane and order them committed to mental hospitals. Well, the CEO of NPR says Juan Williams should seek psychiatric help about his Islamophobia.

Really? This is “hate?” Really?

Stoner Socialist Magazine Mother Jones labels Republican Viki Hartzler “The Most Anti-Gay Politician in America.”

“When voters in California passed Proposition 8 in 2008, a “glad” Hartzler told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that she doesn’t believe gay rights issues are civil rights issues. The “color of someone’s skin doesn’t change,” she said. But, she added, there is debate about whether homosexuality is a “lifestyle or they were born that way.”

She said there’s debate about the origins of homosexuality? OMG! She’s practically calling for Death Camps!!!

Also, like 70% of Americans (more or less), she opposes redefining marriage to suit gay hook-up culture.  OMG! That’s exactly as hateful and bigoted as the Iranians who stone gays to death.

I have to wonder though, is she more gay hating than the politician who said this?

I just don’t like homosexuals. I was glad when that homosexual got killed in Philadelphia.

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So Smart

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